Welcome to our Top 5 packing tips to upgrade your suitcase from BASIC to BOUJEE. 

Packing for a trip no matter how long or short can be a paaaain but using our tips can help you squeeze in your fave pair of shorts, take out the stress & let you get all excited for your trip!


NUMBER 1. Invest in some packing cubes! 

Packing cubes are a dream. They are accessible from Amazon for as low as £4 and will organise your suitcase to perfection. 

They usually come in packs of 6 and in a range of sizes, colours, material and shapes.


NUMBER 2. Split your clothes

We usually split into these sections:

✖️daytime outfits

✖️nightime outfits 

(you could split tops from bottoms for day and night if you want to be extra AF - we won't judge)

✖️underwear & swimwear 

✖️plus anything else you might need to pack or keep seperate. 


NUMBER 3. Roll your clothes!!!

This is not up for debate. Roll over fold 10000x over. 

Rolling helps reduce wrinkles, because lets face it...who wants to get the iron out when you could be having a vodka + fanta lemon on the balcony? 

PLUS it maximises the space you have to add in those spare tops you definitely won't wear but need to take "just in case" 

Trust us... ROLL ROLL and ROLL some more.


NUMBER 4. Keep a cube spare

A spare cube leftover for your dirty washing (laundry, if you're American) will save you having to sift through your clothes once you're home. Pour everything from your laundry cube, straight into the washing basket and voila!

It also helps keep your clean clothes fresh and not getting all staaanky from your damp bikinis or sweaty socks. 


NUMBER 5. Utilise your gaps 

Once you have placed all of your packing cubes into your suitcase like a beginners level game of Tetris, you will have some gaps you need to use. 

This can be for: 


✖️makeup bags/wash bags

✖️hair appliances 

✖️the possibilites are endless... 

Always squeeze your extras into these little gaps and NEVER waste suitcase space. 



This should actually be Tip NUMBER 1 as its just THAT GOOD! 

Pack an extension cord - you know one of the multi plugs that you can add 4-5 plugs to? 

This way you only need 1 travel plug (the 2 or 3 prong thingy) and you can charge 2 phones, blow dry your hair and charge your speaker all at the same time! 

*small warning - be careful to not overload the plug with too many high powered appliances at the same time*


And there you have it... Wanderlust Ldn's Top 5 (or 6 if you want to be picky) Packing Tips. 





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