Welcome to our Tips for Travelling on a Budget to help stretch those pennies into pounds!


Travelling on a budget can sometimes get a bad name. Scared to run out of money or you feel like you don't have enough to go with in the first place? Well, we're here to help. 


NUMBER 1. Skyscanner is your best friend. 

When travelling A N Y W H E R E, always consult your best pal Skyscanner for their bangin' prices. They have loads of options to choose from to get the best deal available. 

NUMBER 1.5. If flight prices are still too steep, try looking at alternate ways of travel. Boats, trains, taxis, buses... 

For example: it wouldn't be advisable to taxi it from Heathrow to Bangkok but a boat between the islands would be perfect! Instead of flying to Paris, try the Eurotunnel. Is a flight from North to South Vietnam too pricey? The sleeper trains are the perfect bargain replacement.
Google can help you with what's best for this, do a bit of research or drop us an email!


NUMBER 2. Use Wanderlust Ldn for booking your accommodations (hehe) 

No, seriously. Not to blow our own trumpet or anything but we try SUUUUPER hard to get you guys the best prices available - we ain't greedy! So if you see a hotel/hostel you'd like to stay in, search here or drop us a comment/DM/email and we will price match. We aim to beat all other online retaliers 😋


NUMBER 3. Stay on the outskirts

The outskirts of a hotspot can be half the price, better standard accommodation and a hell of a lot quieter than the overcrowed main area. For example in Bangkok the main street is Khoa San Road, its hellaaaaa loud and the accommodation can be a bit ew. So staying a 5-10 min walk away could make your stay nicer as well as cheaper! 


NUMBER 4. Book breakfast included 

Ooo this is a goody! Breakfast included can sometimes make your hotel a little dearer (sometimes not, just depends) BUT the extra £20 could work out cheaper than paying for breakfast + lunch for the duration... stay with me here. 

Its always nice to wake up and not have to find somewhere to have breakfast as you just want to get on with your day but it can also be an extra meal.

✖️ If you're an early riser gobble your breakky as usual AND take a little snicky snack for later!
This could be some pastries, bread and jam, make a sandwich for the road, the opportunities are endless
(as long as its nothing that you need to refrigerate) 

✖️If you're a lazy susan, pop down to the breakfast area before closing time and fill yourself up.
Most breakfast times finish around 10-11am so call this a brunch and fill yourself up past lunch!


NUMBER 5. Eat local 

Your evening meals (or breakfast + lunch, if you don't use tip 4) should be eaten L O C A L. No maccies here please. The food is 1000x better than imported, its usually cheaper + you can try new things! Be adventurous! 

In Bali a Mie Goreng main meal (gorg btw) + sides and drinks for 2 people can be as cheap as £10! It was the best meal we had (and we made the mistake of eating at a very big food chain restaurant and paid over £100!) 


NUMBER 6. Walk walk and walk some more

Try and stay away from taxis if you don't need them! A 20 min stroll down the beach is cost cutting and just think of the insta pics you could get! You will also find some hidden gems you wouldn't notice zipping past in a taxi to get to your final destination. As the saying goes, its about the journey not the destination (or something like that...) 

If you can't walk and want to avoid taxis still, try local transportation!


NUMBER 7. Travel out of season/off peak

If you have this luxury and you're not tied down to school holidays or other date restrictions, then try to travel out of season for best prices in everything. Flights, hotels and even spending whilst you are away can all be lower in price if you go at the end of the peak season or just as it starts to build with tourists. It will also be less busy around those tourist attractions you want to visit, you wont have to queue as much for the slides at the waterpark & no more getting up before the sun to put a towel on the sun loungers! 

NUMBER 7.5 Fly midweek 

A sneaky tip is to try and travel mid week instead of weekends. Airlines like to shoot their prices up for the weekend getaways 


NUMBER 8. Split your money so you don't overspend 

Whether you are a do it as you go traveller or you are a planner and have all your flights, boats, hotels etc booked in advance then this can still help. The Starling Bank app is the O N E (not an ad!). It has "saving spaces" where you can split your money into sections. These are the sections we use: 

✖️Per destination (if you are travelling to multi) 
✖️Per day (if you are limiting yourself to a daily budget) 
✖️Food / Drinks (partying)

and for the "book as you go" travellers

✖️Travel (trains, planes, boats, taxis)



Booking in advance can mainly work out in your favour, 9/10 times. Hotels and airlines want to fill up their rooms asap so offering cheap insentives can be a way to do this at first. Check well in advance and if you see a fab deal, snatch it up! Don't wait and think it will get cheaper closer to the time as that's not always true. 


Book free cancellation rooms with us to secure the best prices in advance and if you change your mind or that pesky virus keeps playing up, you've not lost out! 






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